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So how do you figure out if a guy you just started going out with is really good or just a mollusk? Why do you take things so seriously? When you are busy, she is scratching. A good man can express his frustration and miss him. A man in disguise can show you his coldness squeezed out of you or create guilt because you chose someone else instead of him. That is really not your style. If he buys you a rich gift that doesn't quite fit your style, you may have reason to question his motives. It invalidates you in every decision. While this may seem very thoughtful at first, Hanks says he can actually be a big red flag. If the guy agrees with what you are thinking, as if you do, whether he is genuine or not feeling good about who he is - then he may be looking for you to support him or inflate his self-esteem. This is a bit like the advice about not going out on a con - you need to be able to be more open with him and not be afraid of him.

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