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Thanks for visiting Nature. Use a browser with limited CSS support. For the best possible experience, we recommend using a more U P-Date browser or disabling the compatibility feature in Internet Explorer. In the meantime, to ensure continued support, view the website with no styling and JavaScript. carousel with three slides projected simultaneously. Use the forward and back buttons to move to three slides each time or use the slide dot button at the end to jump three slides each time. n 6-methyldenosine m 6 a modification is an important mechanism in miRNA processing and maturation, but its abnormal regulatory role in human disease remained unclear. High levels of MIRP are detected in smokers and pancreatic cancer tissue, both of which are associated with poor prognosis in pancreatic cancer. These results collectively indicate that cigarette smoking induced by excessive maturation of MIRP by modification of M 6 A promotes the growth and evolution of pancreatic cancer. the onset and evolution of PDAC is thought to result from gene-environment 3. interaction. as one of the established environmental risk factors for PDAC. As one of the established environmental risk factors for PDAC, smoking can accelerate chronic pancreatitis and trigger pancreatic carcinogenesis 4. 2-3 times higher than in nonsmokers, and the risk increases with exposure 8, 9 range and time, but the underlying mechanisms are not yet clear. miRNAs are extensively involved in mRNA synthesis and spatial regulation of proteins 16, 17 and their abnormal expression, including the development and evolution of malignant tumors 18, which may lead to certain diseases.

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